I’ve made it back to the states successfully! Visited paris for a few days on the way. Got to tour 2 Exhibit houses (Groupe FG Design and Procédés Chénel International) which was really interesting! The architecture in Paris is amazing. Spending this week in St. Louis at Optima Graphics. I’ve been here for two days and have already learned a lot! I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

The convention was awesome! I learned a lot and met some great people from all over the world. We ended the week with a dinner on the Mediterranean Sea. Can’t beat that!


Another productive and educational week in the books! Going to the beach tomorrow to relax and get some sun! 

This week flew by! Tasks at duo France are moving at high speed! The convention is approaching and I can’t wait to see my homies from the USA! I’m feeling more comfortable in the work environment and duo 3d is getting easier to work with. I’m learning tricks in photoshop which is very exciting to me. Off to explore Montpillier tomorrow! So glad Catherine from Montreal is interning here as well!Image

Enclos De la Croix

My home for 6 weeks!